27 June 2007

Love Story

We all respond to music, books, plays, conversations that remind us of events. Something will tweak a nerve and for the rest of your life a work, word, or sound will press the emotional button.

One of mine is from an old Disney cartoon "Make Mine Music". For some reason that has no reason, whenever I hear "Johnny oh Johnny" I sort of tear up. Whatever struck a nerve as a child bumped from pillar to post seems to have permanently taken root in my psyche. Either that or I just love happy endings.

So here it is: The story of Alice Blue Bonnet and Johnny Fedora


Linda said...

The Disney moment that really gets to me is when Dumbo goes to visit his mother who is locked up in the cage and she rocks him to "Baby Mine". It makes me cry every time!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

That song is also part of a ballet called "Company B" by Paul Taylor. The section with that song was performed by my favorite dancer (formerly with the National Ballet of Canada) and is filled with youthful exhuberance. I always get totally dreamy when I hear that song, thinking of his flirtatious leaping.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. There are not only songs from my younger days that remind me of childhood, but there are songs and shows that remind me of my own sister and brother, and a few that make me think of mom and dad.