20 June 2007

Songs To Remember

Many of you have seen the video and the news of Hillary Clinton's new theme song. It's a great video, but I can't say I care for the song, probably because my submission was ignored. It would have been great. They could have gotten Glenn Close to sing it since she created it on broadway.

One person pointed out to me that is was associated with "Barnum" and his ill deserved huckster image. Then there was the small matter of the title that would indicated people tossing bricks. In any case, I think you should have a chance to compare the two and take a vote.

Even though I've been ignored, humiliated, and rejected, I still like the lady. Haven't decided on a vote yet as I really like the dark horse Richardson, but she is definitely in the number two spot.


Mo and The Purries said...

Can you believe I'm a gay man who detests Celine Dion?

I'm not a fan of Hilary, but I don't despise her, like so many bloggers.
I am not THRILLED with any of the potential candidates yet.

And I agree, One Brick At A Time would have been a MUCH better theme song!

Danielle said...

I loooooove your choice. Hillary irrates me and I am a Democrat. I may go with Obama but I'm still holding out.

As always wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.

Travis Cody said...

Both songs irritated me a little.

I'm keeping all my options open at the moment.