30 August 2007

Let's Go Hunting Volume 2

This one is short because it's August, we are going to Point Defiance to visit the trees, and I can't think of a darn thing that interests me more than being outdoors.

If you really like prowling around the web of new and interesting things and have not yet discovered Stumble Upon, go for a stopover. You can try it out, download it, train it for your likes and dislikes, and set yourself up for hours of fun as you go rocketing around the blogosphere never knowing where the somersaulting will take you.

As you roam around, you can find many things that you would like to keep permanently in favorites or just enjoy a few minutes mindless enjoyment.

Now if you want to stay young, you can always go visit the places your grandchildren send you. Both Theresa and Brandy love imaginative artists, so they often recommend their favorite artists and send pictures in email. I'm sure your children and grandchildren have found some surprising things if you ask.

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