08 August 2007

Monks and Mysteries

I must confess that there was a time when I was totally addicted to Brother Cadfael, first the books and then the PBS series with the wonderful Derek Jacobi in the title role. The Brother Cadfael series came to an end with the death of Ellis Peters. It has been years since there was anything new in the rather specialized niche of mystery combined with British historical fiction.

The lovable Monk gave us Medieval England, a familiarity with herbs, a gentle philosophy, and enough blood, gore and evil acts to keep the most ardent mystery afficianado content. Now C. J. Sansom brings us Matthew Shardlake, a lawyer in the time of Henry VIII.

If you like your history dripping red and drenched in suspicious circumstances. head for the book store or library for a really good read.


Linda said...

Oh ... Henry VIII mysteries - love it! I may have to get thee to the library!

Travis Cody said...

I too enjoyed the Brother Cadfael mysteries. I introduced my mom to them years ago and she introduced me to the series on tv.

Oh my heavens!!! My word verification was mthjhkug!! Yikes!

Durward Discussion said...

Does that make you the mthjhkug link?

Dexter said...

As Honey-Bunny said in "Pulp Fiction", "I'll kill all you mthjhkuggers!!"

pogo said...

Brian, I don't get the long waits with Google/blogger that we used to get - I just hate having to enter my e-mail address as the sign on ID - it's too damned long. For those posting here and at Craig's, Craig mentioned a few days ago that youtube links were slowing the site down - let me humbly suggest that in his absence, you refrain from posting them (I can't open them anyway, so it's no loss to me).

I'll have to check out the Cedfael series - I love medieval mysteries - The Name of the Rose got me hooked.

Durward Discussion said...


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